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RFG is the Invoice Financing Group at Exportbank
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Providing cash flow solutions since 1974

It’s called the “cash flow squeeze” – you invoiced your customer but won’t be paid for 30 to 90 days.

On average, our fees are about 20% lower than our competitors. That’s because with $5 Billion in yearly Factoring business, we have such scale that we can pass the savings on to you.

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Forty years ago we began meeting the cash-flow needs of businesses. We provide financing by factoring your accounts receivable in the USA, Canada and Europe. The cost of factoring reflects the payment terms you've extended to your customer and the creditworthiness of your customer's firm. Scroll down this page and try our Factoring Fee Calculator for an estimate on the cost or use our "Quick Request Form" to receive a quote by email.

We're part of Exportbank and have worked with Governments for decades. Our commitment to the Government is to help you succeed. If we're unable to do that, it's likely that we can refer you to someone who can.

We offer Receivable Financing lines (also know as Factoring or Invoice Discounting) of $1,000 to $5 million per month.

You've sold products or supplied services and now you're ready to invoice your customer.
We will advance you funds against the value of that invoice based on the good credit of your client.
You get paid right away and eliminate your cash flow squeeze.

We advance up to 97% of your receivable’s value and you get steady, predictable cash flow.

Our group factors $5 billion of receivables annually and has provided financing for over 1,000,000 invoices.

What does it cost?

The calculator below shows the approximate daily cost per $1000 of receivables factored.

If your client is a good credit risk and your volumes are over $500,000 annually, you may qualify for our Bank Prime Rate Plus Program. Please fill out our QUICK REQUEST FORM to see if our Bank Prime program suits your business or call us 1 800 808-8802.


For up to $100,000 try FASTRACK FACTORING, our simplest and quickest service.

  • * 2.99% for up to 90-days. NO other fees.
  • * Up to 97% advance of the value of your receivable.
  • * Fast & Simple – first funding in as little as two days.
  • * Minimal paperwork and documentation.

FASTRACK here or call 1 800 808-8802 or funds@receivablefinancing.ca.

FASTRACK is perfect for small & midsize businesses in: Staffing / Trucking / Distribution / Manufacturing / Printing / Textile / High Tech / Any business that invoices their customer.

Factoring is the financial world's most frequently used service.

Every credit card transaction is a factoring transaction. The credit card company guarantees immediate payment to the merchant and, in exchange, the merchant accepts a lower amount (you charge $100, the merchant gets $97). The credit card company keeps the difference as their factoring fee.

Purchaser Order Financing

We can provide an option to Purchase Order Financing called Supplier or Vendor Assurance.

If you factor the invoice with us, we can provide a Letter of Assurance to your supplier. This gives your supplier confidence that they will be paid from funds we advanced through the factoring agreement.

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We’ve provided receivable financing services across Canada the U.S. and 12 other countries since 1974. If we can’t help you, chances are we know someone who can.

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